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  1. Account management and changing password

  2. Activities at Global Evidence Summit Cape Town - Sept 13-16 2017

  3. Activity log and How can I see who has done what, and avoid overwriting their edits?

  4. Adding a RevMan5 file as a reference

  5. Architecture outline and what technologies do MAGICapp use

  6. Big images fail to be added

  7. Can I export all my content, or build my own front end

  8. Comments/feedback feature (internal or public review)

  9. Conflict of interest management dashboard

  10. Criteria for Inclusion in The National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC)

  11. Data Exchange (html, pdf, xml, json, rdf)

  12. Decision aid outcome editor

  13. Export my summary of findings table to Word, RevMan, JSON (data), or MAGICapp Zip

  14. Exporting and Importing PICOs using a MAGIC zip file

  15. Guideline settings

  16. Hide Outcomes and Recommendations from published guidelines

  17. How can authors get a Word export of PICOs in published guidelines?

  18. How can institutions/organizations start to use the MAGICapp

  19. How do I add a Reference, PICO question or a Recommendation to a section?

  20. How do I add a supplementary file to a guideline (e.g. annex, large image/table)?

  21. How do I add general text under a section?

  22. How do I add users (admins, authors, reviewers, viewers) to a guideline?

  23. How do I add/edit and move references in the reference list?

  24. How do I associate a PICO question with a recommendation?

  25. How do I attach codes to my PICO?

  26. How do I attach EMR elements to a Recommendation

  27. How do I attach study data to my outcome?

  28. How do I auto-calculate absolute effects in dichotomous outcomes?

  29. How do I build my Evidence profile (add outcomes to a PICO)?

  30. How do I build the table of contents: add, edit titles, move, reorder and delete sections/sub-sections?

  31. How do I create a new guideline or evidence summary?

  32. How do I create an account/log in?

  33. How do I delete guidelines?

  34. How do I get superscript and symbols in my text

  35. How do I link to content in MAGICapp - guidelines, sections, recommendations, SoF/PICOs (Links and Widgets)

  36. How do I make a PDF version of my guideline (with or without publishing)?

  37. How do I make Evidence profiles/PICOs using RevMan files?

  38. How do I navigate to the recommendations?

  39. How do I reorder Pico questions, Recommendations and References

  40. How do I update my Evidence profiles/PICOs using updated RevMan files?

  41. How do I use the basic literature search under a PICO?

  42. How do we calculate absolute risks in the app?

  43. How I create a word document of my guideline?

  44. How is content organized in the platform?

  45. How to force language on buttons and labels for guideline readers

  46. How to get information about new features in MAGICapp?

  47. How to link to evidence profiles - PICO widgets

  48. How to link to recommendations - Recommendation widgets

  49. How to make text bigger

  50. How to rate imprecision

  51. How to rate Inconsistency

  52. How to rate indirectness

  53. How to rate publication bias

  54. How to rate Risk of bias in Observational studies

  55. How to rate Risk of bias in Randomized controlled trials

  56. How to rate the Quality of Evidence (your confidence in the effect estimate)

  57. How to rate up the quality of evidence

  58. I am not able to sign up a new account, and I am in China

  59. I am suddenly getting logged out

  60. I cannot access my guideline, what do I do?

  61. I want to add a specific EMR element to the key info section, but I cannot see it on the list

  62. Is there an ontology/terminology to represent PICOs or Summary of findings

  63. Link to external content (websites, pop-ups)

  64. MAGIC is non-profit, why is there a license fee for organizations in MAGICapp

  65. MAGICapp and Open source

  66. MAGICapp Privacy Policy

  67. MAGICapp Support and help options

  68. MAGICapp System Security Summary

  69. MAGICapp Terms of Use

  70. MAGICapp's GRADE tooltips

  71. Make a systematic review and upload it as a reference

  72. Mobile and Desktop app: how to get one

  73. My organization is non-profit, do I have to pay anything to get an organization account?

  74. My stuff suddenly disappeared, I am sure I saved it

  75. Organization control panel

  76. Organization specific pages

  77. Our API

  78. Our database model

  79. Our list of features

  80. Perform Training sessions

  81. Public accessibility of Reference files

  82. Publishing versions and making a guideline publicly accessible

  83. RDF & Semantic web: what do we do about that?

  84. Reference duplication checker

  85. Releases before 2017

  86. Safety of your data in MAGICapp

  87. Services to help search and evidence retrival

  88. Something seems wrong, but I don't know what? (incl. how to clear cache)

  89. Standards for Trustworthy guidelines, IOM 2011

  90. Standards from GIN (Guideline International Network)

  91. Startup-guide for Authors: All features

  92. Text editor - add/edit text, hyperlinks, citations, images, and tables; track changes; add/edit comments

  93. The app seems to be down

  94. The GRADE handbook

  95. The recommendation Key info/ Evidence to Decision

  96. Tips on start-up

  97. Tool to Assess Risk of Bias in Cohort Studies

  98. Tool to assess Risk of Bias in Randomized Controlled Trials

  99. Translations and language files

  100. Upcoming features on our roadmap

  101. Upload a PICO using a GDT GRADEpro file

  102. Using a Search strategy as a reference

  103. Using Milestones and Checklist in Settings

  104. v10 May 2021

  105. v10.1 and v10.2 Sept 2021

  106. v10.3 November 2021

  107. v10.4 December 2021 - Improved EtD framework, surveys

  108. v10.5, v10.6: Jan-March 2022: Shadow outcomes, subscription

  109. v11 June 2022 - Updated registration, login, and account management (+ note for API users)

  110. v11.1 and v11.2: Nov 2022-Jan 2023 - Updated content page, text editor, RevMan integration, subscription management, and cookies banner

  111. v11.3: 26.April 2023

  112. v11.4: 15. Sept 2023

  113. v11.5 24 November 2023

  114. v6.7 January 9th 2017

  115. v7.0 April 6th 2017

  116. v7.1 May 4th 2017

  117. v7.3 - July 5th 2017

  118. v7.4 August 15th 2017

  119. v7.5 August 31st 2017

  120. v7.6 November 2017

  121. v7.7 February 21st 2018

  122. v8.0 June 3rd 2018

  123. v8.1 August 26th 2018

  124. v8.2 March 19th 2019

  125. v8.3 May 9th 2019

  126. v8.4 July 20th 2019

  127. v9.0. May 1st 2020

  128. v9.2 Sept 2020

  129. v9.3 October and v9.4 December 2020

  130. Voting and Delphi tool (surveys)

  131. What are decision aids?

  132. What are the ontologies/terminologies the MAGICapp supports to describe content of PICO questions

  133. What can I customize for my guidelines?

  134. What can I do, and not do, with a personal guideline (or evidence summary) compared to a guideline with an organizational ownership

  135. What is a Clinical Trial and what can it tell me?

  136. What is a top layer

  137. What is and how to make a PICO question

  138. What is GRADE

  139. What is linked PICO ?

  140. What should I write in practical info?

  141. What to do with a paper which only reports P-values, without any other data

  142. When to make strong recommendations based upon low or very low confidence in effect estimates

  143. Where does guidelines fit into the big picture

  144. Which ontologies/terminologies are used in the encoding of the EMR elements to be added under Key information

  145. Which step in the guideline Adaptation process can MAGICapp help me with

  146. Which steps in the guideline Content development can MAGICapp help me with

  147. Which steps in the guideline Planning phase can MAGICapp help me with

  148. Which steps in the guideline process can MAGICapp help me with

  149. Which steps in the guideline Publication and updating phase can MAGICapp help me with

  150. Who are we (MAGIC)?

  151. Who can do what? Access and permission levels: admin, author, reviewers, viewers and the public

  152. Why did we make the MAGIC authoring and publication platform

  153. Why do we export JSON and not XML?

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