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v7.7 February 21st 2018

Possibility to link directly to a specific tab in a recommendation

You can now link to a specific tab (e.g Decision aids, Rationale or Practical information) in a recommendation, by using a suffix on the guideline link. 

The recommendation links opens up in Key information tab as default (if it has content, if not it opens up in the Rationale tab, Summary of findings, Practical information or Adaptation- tab)
If you add a specific tab suffix, you can force the recommendation to open in a specific tab when user clicks the link. Here are the suffixes to use:

/sof = Summary of Findings/Evidence tab
/da = Decision aids tab
/key = Key information tab
/rationale = Rationale tab
/practical = Practical information
/adaptation = Adaptation tab

Example: - will take user to this recommendation with the Decision aids tab open.

Tracked changes indicator, and admins set default tracking on/off 

You now see an indicator on all recommendations, PICOs and sections where there is tracked changes not yet resolved. Admins can set the tracked changes feature to be on or off as default for all authors, in the Guideline settings menu.

The icon that shows if there are tracked changes not yet resolved.
If you hover over the icon you can see a list where these tracked changes are

Admins can set the Tracked changes to be on or off for all authors in a guideline.
This feature is in the guideline settings

Get a list of references that are duplicated in your reference list

We've added a duplication checker for your reference list. Click a button and get a list of the references that are duplicated.

This feature is available from the 'Add references' menu.
It opens up a list of duplicated references if there are any. 

Improved search for guideline search on main page

Users now get auto-suggestions when searching for guidelines from the main guideline listings page. Type in some letters and see what content matches.


Improved editing in Guideline settings and reader access to 'About' dialog from inside the guideline 

Contact, Description and Sponsors/Funders in guideline settings is improved with text editors enabling bold, underlines and bullet points.

Readers now get access to the guideline 'About' information from inside a guideline

Improved navigation in Activity log, more filters 
Authors can now filter on nearly everything in the activity log, simply by clicking on the item you  want to filter on, like: an author, a specific outcome, a PICOs, a Recommendations, or a specific item like 'Benefit and Harms' of a specific recommendation.

No empty primary study table in outcome details

If only references, and no data added to the primary study tables of an outcome it will show a list of references, not an empty table.

Click on outcome in top level PICO

Authors can now click on an outcome in the top level PICO to be taken directly to it in the Evidence profile. 

Improved publishing workflow

When admins publish a guideline, the guideline gets locked for editing and a message goes out to all authors that are online inside the guideline. Admins get an email when the guideline has completed publishing. 
An email is sent to the admin and to our technical team if there is an issue in the publishing process.

Easier navigation with suggested phrases for outcome plain language summary

The suggested phrases for outcome plain language summary now has sub-menus, making it easier to navigate phrases depending on certainty of evidence and size of effect.
Authors choose the approriate Certainty A), then they can navigate suggested phrases C), categorized by size of effect B)

As before, the suggested phrases are editable, and mere suggestions to help authors formulate the plain language summary of an outcome. 

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