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v10.1 and v10.2 Sept 2021


  • Layout: Choose to have a few lines of section text always show; section name can have font style (italic, super/sub-script); change date/time layout
  • Track changes and comments in text: See where/how many comments are in text; always-on track changes option for individual users; see text without track changes
  • Activity log: Get total count of comments in text, track changes, and recommendation feedback
  • PICOs: Import GDT GradePro Evidence profiles
  • Recommendations: Export comments/replies for recommendations in feedback tab into CSV/Excel; choose to have certainty included in the strength label of recommendations; export/import recommendations (as with PICOs)
  • PDF: Improved accessibility; choice to start subsections on new page

    Choose to have a few lines of section text always show

    Admins can choose to always show a few lines of section text, with a "More" button, instead of "View section text". Useful for new users (who may not know to click "View section text"), and for many text-only sections (so the guideline doesn't look empty).

    ------ Below: How a reader will see the guideline if this choice is on ------

    --------- Below: How an admin can customize to have this layout choice -------


    Other layout updates
    • Section name can have font style (italic, superscript, subscript)
    • Date-time layout for English now as defaults to UK format (under Account Settings) - previously US format, but users can still choose to change to English (US)

    See where/how many comments are in text in view mode

    When you have comments in text, you now see an indicator in the text in view mode (speech bubble with three dots), and an indicator on the top level of the object (recommendation, PICO, or section) with the number of comments (speech bubble with number).


    Set track changes as always-on for individual users in a guideline

    All authors can now set track changes to be always on for themselves in a guideline. You can still turn track changes off manually when editing a text block. Admins can still set track changes as default for all authors.


    See text without track changes, in preview mode

    To view your text as if all track changes were accepted (added and delete text), without colours or styling, switch to preview mode. In preview mode you see the guideline as it will be published and viewed by public users.


    Get total count of comments in text, track changes, and recommendation feedback

    Get an overview of the number of things to address, to help admins keep track, in the activity log (note new bell icon): total comments in text, track changes, and number of unresolved (including unresolved and in progress) recommendation feedback.


    Import GDT GradePro Evidence profiles

    Import evidence profiles from GDT GradePro. There will be an option to export files from GDT, until then you have to follow the steps layed out here: 


    Export comments/replies for recommendations

    Export all comments/replies from users in recommendations, as a CSV/Excel file, from the guideline settings menu. The export contains comment text, commenter's email, time stamp, and status (e.g., unresolved), as well as each reply.


    Choose to have certainty included in the strength label of recommendations

    Admins can choose to have the certainty show together with the strength label for recommendations. Certainty must be set in the EtD factor Certainty. This setting is available from the Guideline customization menu in Settings.


    Export and import Recommendations (as with PICOs)

    Export/import a recommendation, just like the export/import feature for PICOs.


    PDF updates

    • Improved accessibility, compliant with EU and UK standards
    • Choose to start sub-sections on a new page


    • Preview mode now shows no empty tabs
    • Activity log count doesn't stop at 10.000 edits
    • In PDF the text in Evidence to Decision framework didn't have correct word spacing, making it harder to read. 

    Planned for the coming months
    • Editing improvements for Conflict of interest management
    • Improved Evidence to Decision features for authors
    • Better RevMan import and updating workflow
    • More coding and Decision support support functionality

    Bigger features on roadmap
    • Integration with Cochrane's RevMan online
    • Adaptation and translation features
    • Recommendation search/browsing across guidelines
    • Multiple comparison PICOs and decision aids
    • Diagnostic PICOs
    • Prognostic PICOs
    • Implementation of a FHIR API
    • New methods support for evidence profiles (e.g., ROBINS-I)
    • Improved Desktop and Mobile app
    • Better internal linking
    • Integration with a Network meta-analysis tool  (DRUGIS/ADDIS)

    COVID-19 news:
    • MAGICapp for COVID-19 guidelines offered at no charge to organizations that are unable to pay a license fee (details here)
    • Several countries and organizations are using our platform to create and publish their COVID-19 guidelines, search for COVID in the guideline list
    • We would like to promote the international COVID-END network, and the COKA FHIR standardization project
    • Check out the new WHO Living guideline on Therapeutics and COVID-19 and on Drugs to prevent COVID-19.
    • Australian COVID-19 Task force and NICE also have extensive living guidelines

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