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v7.3 - July 5th 2017

The update v7.2 was only bugfixes and a few enhancements of the activity log feature introduced in v7.0

In v7.3 we have a couple of new features aimed mostly at authors

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Better footnotes for Summary of finding tables and some other improvements of the PDF

- Summary of Findings tables now have proper footnotes, with numbering in the table.
- Summary of recommendations and reference list is included in the Table of contents.
- Adaptation text is included under the recommendations.
- Summary of Findings tables without outcomes will not show. 

Included statutory requirements as a choice for recommendation type
For instances where your recommendation is not a GRADE'ed recommendation, but as a result of Law, or Statutory requirement. 
This will be lumped together with 'Information box' as Non-GRADE types in a submenu, so that it is clear to authors that these are not a GRADE recommendation types.

Visual improvement of the Outcome form

The outcome forms have been tightened up to save space and make it less overwhelming.
We have also tried to improve the visual guidance for the users through the input steps.
The GRADE help is now in pop-up dialogs, making it easier to read and see all the more extensive guidance links.

In the Evidence input for Dichotomous outcomes (image 1) and Continuous outcomes (Image 2) we have tried to make the input easier to understand, with a different colour for stating the Evidence source (blue), Data from studies (hvite) and Results and estimated effects (gray). 
To see more information or add the Source of evidence, you click the handle inside the blue box. 

Image 1: Dichotomous outcomes

Image 2: Continuous outcomes

The GRADE help is now in a pop-up dialog, not a tooltip. This gives more room for text and additional links to useful sources

Added alert and link to most current guideline, from outdated guidelines

Outdated guidelines are marked with an "Outdated" label as before, but when users access guidelines that are outdated, we've added a pop-up alert letting them know, and linking them to the most current version.

The Decision aids can be hidden for end users

We added a possibility of not showing decision aids for specific PICO questions in those recommendations where showing it would not be appropriate or wanted. The choice is set in the Decision aid tab of each recommendation.
When you click the 'Edit outcomes' button on a Decision aid, you get a pop-up dialog where you can do edits for the Decision aid. On the top there is a control you can use to choose to show (or not) the Decision aid to end users. The default setting is to show it. 

Admins can set a manual publishing date for guidelines
Currently we use the date the guideline is published as the publishing date showing on guidelines. In some cases however, there is a wish to use an alternate publishing date, e.g if you have transferred an old guideline to our platform. This will now be possible.

Smaller layout and bug fixes

Most of the time this month has gone into improving performance, and fixing smaller bugs and layout issues. 

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