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v9.2 Sept 2020

Hide outcomes and Recommendations from published versions 

Sometimes you want to continue drafting a recommendation or outcome while wanting to publish the the others that are ready. Or you might have overlapping outcomes that the public shouldn't see.


More PDF customization.

All the things you can choose now:
  • Include Cover page
  • Choose section heading color
  • Include page 2 with descriptions, contact info, disclaimer and more
  • Include Table of Contents
  • Include Summary of Recommendations
  • Include Track changes
  • Add a DRAFT watermark
  • Hide Hidden recommendations and outcomes
  • Have text in one or two columns


PDF customization, creation and recent PDF history in its own dialog

Authors now get a separate dialog from the settings menu in draft, where all PDF customization are available. Creation of PDF is also here, as well as a list of your recently made draft PDFs.


Improved security and WHO log in

We have collaborated with the WHO cyber security team to implement increased security measures for all organizations to use, e.g File scanning for malware, and a choice of 2 factor log-in. We also made it so that WHO authors and admins can log in with their existing WHO log in.


New style for Summary of recommendations in PDF

The former Summary of recommendations was a bit box-y and easy to confuse with the full recommendations in main text. The new Summary of recommendations are easier to browse through, and have a more lean style that makes it different from the main text.



Set date and comments for recommendation status

If you set recommendation status [New, Updated, In progress], you can now set a date for the status and write an explanatory comment.


Set your choice of flag for language marker

Some organizations have given us feedback that it is more appropriate to use their own country flags for language setting. We have not added more options, e.g Brazil for Portuguese and Canada, USA, Australia, Singapore and South Africa for English. You can also set a global icon. If your would like another choice, please contact us.


The Practical issues in Evidence profiles are moved to to a separate tab in PICOs

To increase visibility and encourage use of Practical issues in the Evidence profiles, we have now moved these items to its own tab under the PICO.


Code target populations and recommended interventions, and describe EHR implementation tips for individual recommendations

We think it could be useful to nudge authors into thinking about implementation of their guidelines.
To facilitate decision support in EHR you can now define 1) the Target Population, and 2) The Intervention the recommendation is about, with standard terminologies (SNOMED CT, ICD-10, ATC, RxNorm and so on), and describe how you imagine the recommendation could be implemented.


Easier citation and reference finder

Search reference by author, name and year in the citation picker
Use search function to find citations in text. Use reference number with hard brackets, e.g. [2]. To find citations of deleted references, use [?]
In addition, you now have the choice to assigning the reference as primary study in PubMed import dialog


See all recommendation comments from all version in draft

Now you can see all recommendation comments from all guideline versions in draft, and possibility for admins to hide comments, not just delete them.


Other things:

  • Organizations can get analytics for their guideline usage. Contact us if it is relevant for your organization.
  • Search reference by author, name and year in the citation picker
  • Choice of assigning reference as primary study in PubMed import dialog
  • 3 more status options for the guideline: Draft-for internal use, Published - for internal use and Public consultation  

Issues fixed:
  • When using all the Evidence to Decision (EtD) factors, the label in Resources are not "Resources and other factors", but "Resources". In the 4 factor summary variant, it has not changed.
  • In some guidelines, search for recommendations, PICOs and References did not work, now they should work for all
  • When viewing the PDF in a PDF reader (e.g. Adobe), the "show table of contents" feature didn't show the real TOC. Now it does.
  • In PICO-widget, the Graphical view (with arrows of direction) did show even if no direction was set on any of the outcomes. Now it does not.
  • Some organizations had trouble updating their logos in the Organization control panel. Now they can.

Planned for the coming months
  • Voting and facilitated Delphi process: e.g. recommendation strength and intervention ranking. Includes facilitation of Delphi process
  • Detailed Conflict of interest management
  • Multiple comparison tables
  • Better RevMan file import and updating of data
  • Integration with Cochrane's RevMan online

Bigger features on roadmap
  • Better Track changes and comments in text
  • Implementation of a FHIR API
  • Improved Desktop and Mobile app
  • Diagnostic PICOs
  • Decision aids widgets
  • Better internal linking

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