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Upload a PICO using a GDT GRADEpro file

Export SoF table GRADEpro GDT JSON file

Export your Summary of Findings table, using the export feature on the top right of the table. GDT can be set to any format of the table (Summary of findings table, GRADE evidence profile, etc.). 

Choose your outcomes (note: you should be able to choose more than 7, you will just receive a warning first), select JSON-LD format, and download the file.

Upload SoF table to MAGICapp

Go to the Guideline you would like to upload the evidence profile in. Choose or make the section you will place it in. Click Add PICO, and choose Import PICO using GDT Gradepro file.

The Evidence profile should now be imported.


Notes and troubleshooting errors

  • MAGICapp will import everything from GRADEpro except for the plain language summary - our data structures have different formatting, and at the moment MAGICapp is not able to match the plain language summary field. We are working on improving this feature.
  • MAGICapp does not have diagnostic accuracy test PICOs (in development), thus those cannot be imported.
  • You must have all GRADE judgments entered (if it's not applicable, delete the outcome and re-add it manually in MAGICapp, or put placeholder judgments before exporting).
  • If you are not able to import your evidence profile, use the Contact support feature in the Help page, and we will assist you.

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