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Make a systematic review and upload it as a reference

A proper literature search should be systematic and thorough. Use a search specialist if you can. There are also services that can do it for you, like Doctor Evidence

If you find an usable systematic review, you can add it in the References Tab, under the section where it fits best. Click the "Add Reference" button and you can upload it using the Pubmed ID, a RIS file ,a RevMan5 file, or add it manually. 

If you however need to make your own meta-analysis, we suggest you use a screening and data-extraction tool, like Covidence
For meta-analysis you can use a tool like Eppi-reviewer or Revman.
There are also other tools that can help you when you make a systematic review, like Rayyan

When your meta-analysis is done, you can import it as a reference.
Upload the file(s) containing the results, and/ or a PDF of the systematic review together with the reference.
This way you'll have it always accessible.

We do not recommend that you add all the included studies of a meta-analysis as their own references as the more references you add, the bigger the guideline gets, and the likelihood of guideline becoming slower increases.

Adding a reference 

Editing a reference

Adding information to a reference

When you import a reference from PubMed, the Abstract is imported automatically. If the reference is an unpublished meta-analysis you can use the "abstract" tab to add a description.

Last Updated: 26 January 2024

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