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How do I make Evidence profiles/PICOs using RevMan files?

You can use any RevMan file to make a PICO question with an Evidence profile. 

Uploading the RevMan file

You can add your RevMan (.rm5) file either in the Reference tab or in the Evidence tab (which will automatically create a reference for you). 

Option 1: Upload as reference

Option 2: Upload directly as PICO (reference will be generated)

You'll get a pop-up window where you can choose whether you're adding outcomes from a new RevMan file, or one that has already been uploaded (i.e., in your references). 

You'll then be able to select which comparisons and which outcomes to use. You can filter your choices in the search bar by free text words - this is especially useful when you have subgroups, or a lot of comparisons in the same file.

Data in MAGICapp from RevMan file

MAGICapp extracts the following study data:
1. Effect estimates: odds ratio, risk ratio, mean difference, and standardized mean difference.
2. Number of participants and studies.
3. Individual study data.
4. Absolute effect estimates (for dichotomous outcomes, not continuous outcomes), calculated using the control group event rate and effect estimate.

  • The next time you want to use outcome(s) from that file, you can simply add it to the outcome in question instead of uploading it again.
  • You can add images (e.g., forest plots), but currently this is not automatically extracted from RevMan files (you have to add them manually).
  • Generic Inverse Variance is currently not supported.
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