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v11 June 2022 - Updated registration, login, and account management (+ note for API users)

Updated registration, login, and account management

1. Registration
2. Login
3. Account management 

*NOTE for API users: All users of API must contact us to get separate logins.


1. Registration

You can register for a free MAGICapp account in order to work within the app. To start, select "Create an account" on the home page.

You will be taken to a sign up page, where you can use any email to create a MAGICapp account. You can also log in using a third party account, via Cochrane, WHO, or Google. You can use your existing account information from those accounts to log into MAGICapp. 

Please note that you need to create a highly secure password - once you fulfill each of the criteria below, a green check mark will appear next to it. 

Once you enter your information and click register, MAGICapp will ask you to verify your email.

You will get en email asking you to click the verification link.

From the link you will be taken back to MAGICapp and asked to proceed.

Finally you will be verified, and you can go back to using MAGICapp as usual.


    2. Login

    We've updated the login and account management system to KeyCloak. This is for improved security and compliance with server requirements.

    When the new version is released, all users will need to re-login. You can login with your email and password on the left side, or using your third party account login (Cochrane, WHO, or Google) on the right side. If you do not see this login page, please refresh the app.

    Note: If you've been using a third party account to login to MAGICapp, with the release of version 11 and the new login and account management system (KeyCloak), you will have to re-login.

    You will get an email asking you to re-verify. Once you click the link, you should be taken back to the home page, and no further action will be required.

    3. Account management

    As before, you will be able to access your account by clicking the Account button on the top right corner of the window.

    You can change your account information as before, with some additional capabilities.

    Account = Change display name, Language and Time zone.

    Password = Change password.

    Authenticator = Integrate Free OTP or Google authenticator.

    Federated Identity = Add Cochrane, WHO, or Google accounts associated with the MAGICapp account.

    Sessions = Review your sessions in MAGICapp.

    Log = Review your log in events in MAGICapp.

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