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How do I add users (admins, authors, reviewers, viewers) to a guideline?

To add authors, admins, reviewers and viewers to a guideline draft, go to the guideline settings (gear icon), and to the permissions tab.

To note: The person you are adding must have a MAGICapp username.

You can read more about the four types of permissions (Admins, Authors, Reviewers and Viewers).

In MAGICapp, each guideline has a permanent ID that never changes with subsequent published versions (i.e. permalink), but the guideline draft and all previously published versions of the guideline have their own separate IDs, and permissions lists. That means you can give users access to only certain guideline versions.

Once a user is included in the permissions list of a draft, they will be in that list in all subsequent versions, until they are manually removed. If they are added to the current most recent published version, they will not have access to the draft, and not to subsequent versions. To give authors permission to previously published versions, go to that guideline version (from the Publishing, version history, and subscriptions menu option) and add them under permissions in the same way as for the currently published version. 

Adding a user in draft

Adding a user to a current published guideline 

Last Updated: 21 November 2023

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