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Upcoming features on our roadmap

This is a high-level overview of items in our roadmap. Priorities are set by feedback from users and organizations. Please vote on or add features in the Feedback feature on this site:

Planned for next months:
  • Sort references by order of appearance in guideline (first citation will be ref 1, and so on)
  • Updating, adaptation, and translation features, including increased support for updating living guidelines, for sharing of data between organizations, and to support management of guidelines that have multiple versions in different regions and languages. This is being done in partnership with WHO.
Major things on our roadmap. Organizations are welcome to contact us with their priorities of these, or suggest new features. That way we know better how to align our roadmap with community needs. 
  • Recommendation search across guidelines
  • Better internal linking in a guideline
  • Have author rights on section level too, not just guideline level
  • Guideline maps for certain topic areas (overview of content related to specific topics, e.g. COVID-19, renal disease)
  • Web app specific for organizations
  • Multiple comparison PICOs (NMA) and decision aids
  • Diagnostic PICOs
  • Prognostic PICOs
  • Integration with Cochrane's RevMan online
  • Integration with a network meta-analysis tool
  • Implementation of a FHIR API
  • New methods support for evidence profiles (e.g., ROBINS-I)
  • Improved general desktop and mobile app
Suggestions from organizations, not currently on roadmap. They can be moved into the roadmap if it is important for enough organizations.
  • Recommendation maps (overview of content in specific topic areas)
  • Optional numbering of recommendations
  • Option to show section numbers in table of content
  • Option to have some sections in the beginning of the guideline not having section numbers
  • Better functionality for offline guidelines
  • Being able to develop/integrate/show infographics and flowcharts
  • Option to give admins-rights for all previous versions of a guideline
  • Option to remove someone's permission rights for all previous versions of a guideline
  • More support for EHR integration
  • Customized PDF's with only parts of the guideline
  • "MAGIC-HAL": auto text generated from PICOs to populate EtD
  • Make users able to personalize baseline risk in published versions
  • Qualitative PICOs/evidence - CERQuaL (

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