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v8.1 August 26th 2018

Recommendation tabs show on top level

Up until now authors and readers had to click the 'View more' to see the underlaying content of recommendations, PICOs and references. The drawback was that authors couldn't see up front where they had added content, and readers didn't see what content was available. We have now changed that, so you get access to the tabs from the topmost layer. As author you can see where you have added content, and readers see only the tabs with content (as before)

Better view of outcome details

Users now see a prettier and more graphical view of the outcome details you have added. 

We have cleaned up the interface that shows study data and references. Readers can see information about the evidence source for both the relative risk (for dichotomous outcomes)/ absolute differences (for continuous outcomes) and the baseline risk. 

We have also cleaned up the interface that shows the GRADE quality assessment and related comments. 

See changes in text edits between two points in time 

We have added a new feature to view changes in text edits in addition to the activity log view. Choose to- and -from any point in time, and see the difference in text edits. We now added this feature first to PICO summary, but will expand it to all text blocks and whole items (e.g a recommendation) after initial feedback.
We will in an updated version also include a possibility to revert to an earlier version of the text. 

Detach a reference-binding directly from the reference usage tab

Currently you can see all places a reference is used by going to the 'Usage' tab of a reference. Now we added the possibility to detach the reference from any binding it has (e.g binding to an outcome) directly from this tab.
This is the first step in creating a 'update and replace' feature for situations where you have updated evidence (e.g an updated meta-analysis in a systematic review)

Improved adding/ removing admins in organization control panel

When you add an admin to your organizational account, that user gets admin access to all guidelines belonging to the organization.
Likewise, when you remove an admin from your organizational account, that user's access now gets revoked from all the guidelines belonging to the organization. 

Improved SoF export to RevMan

More details, inclusion of narrative outcomes and reference list for the Summary of Findings table export to RevMan. You can choose between two styles.

Smaller updates and additions

  • Improved labeling in activity log
  • Word export now possible from personal evidence summaries
  • Automatically set all references in a RIS import to type: Primary study

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