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What are decision aids?

Decision aids are created from all the PICOs that are attached to a Recommendation (ie Research evidence). Information from the PICO is used to create these consultation Decision aids.

Data in the Decision aids are linked to the PICO, so it is always updated when the PICO updates. However, you can edit some information. Outcomes can be renamed to be more patient friendly, the same with Population, Intervention and Comparison. You can also choose not to show a Decision aid to users.

The Decision aid tab has a short explanation for users, and a link to an educational module.

If you have included Practical issues in your PICO, they will be shown in a graphical grid, available for users to navigate by clicking on the type of issue they want to know more about.

For additional information, please see the following publications about our decision aids below:
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3. Heen AF, Vandvik PO, Brandt L, Achille F, Guyatt GH, Akl EA, Treewek S, Agoritsas T. Decision aids linked to evidence summaries and clinical practice guidelines: results from user-testing in clinical encounters. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making. 2021 Dec;21(1):1-5.

Decision aids for network meta-analysis 

For more information about our MATCH-IT research on multiple comparisons decision aids (i.e. for network meta-analysis) please see our website here, and access all of the multiple comparisons MATCH-IT tools created with MAGIC here.

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