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I am suddenly getting logged out

pIf you are suddenly logged out of MAGICapp there might be some of the below issues that have caused it:

1. Check your in-log status to make sure you are logged out:

2.  If you don't get access to a guideline, but others do, ask your administrator to remove and the re-add you to the guideline.

3. After being cut off from internet for more that 20 minutes, we will break your login. It is as security measure. We are working on making it feel smoother for authors, as we know you can loose internet at time, but still want to continue working.

4. Does your organization have a proxy server for its network?
Some bigger enterprises, like hospitals or government institutions have a proxy server installed. We have seen that it sometimes lead to a disconnect with our storage servers, and users get logged out while seeming to be online, and have internet connection.
If that happen you should have seen a pop-up like below when you log in, or at any time in the process of authoring (but if you have a pop-up block, it might not show)

If you think that this could be happening to you, call your IT department and ask them if they are using a proxy. If the answer is yes, you need to ask them to exempt these addresses from their proxy:
* (includes and

It will take them 10-20 min to do, so it not a time consuming task

4. If none of the above is valid for your setting, please contact your Organization contact (if you have one), or contact us directly by writing a support email (link to the right). 

Last Updated: 20 February 2024

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