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Conflict of interest management dashboard

There is a conflict of interest (COI) dashboard in MAGICapp to facilitate COI management for your guideline panel and other users working on your guideline. Only guideline administrators (admins) can edit this dashboard.

Functionality description:
  • Upload files per panel member or associate authors/reviewers. Files could be standardized COI forms, organisation-specific forms, or other documents relevant to a persons COI.
  • Write a public comment/summary statement for each panel member, which can be visible in publicly accessible guidelines.
  • Write an internal comment/summary statement for each panel member, which is only visible to guideline admins.
  • Filter to see guideline users based on their specific assigned group (based on permissions).
  • See last edit date for data regarding a participant.

  • State potential conflicts per intervention mentioned in a PICO in the guideline. All interventions and comparators are listed, and admins can state level of potential conflicts related to these for each panel member. 
  • Note: If you have multiple PICOs with the same interventions, the re-occurring interventions will only show up once.

  • Write internal comments for these evaluations, and state whether these potential conflicts would exclude the panel member from voting or other participation in guideline development.

  • Bulk edit potential conflicts related to one intervention (e.g. low for all panel members), or for one panel member (e.g. low for all interventions for that member).
  • Hide interventions and participants from public (administrators can still see this).

  • The potential conflicts for an intervention will show in the voting feature, so that if you start voting in a recommendation, you will see potential conflicts related to PICOs attached to that recommendation. 

Last updated: 18 May 2023

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