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v8.4 July 20th 2019

See all changes between version, for individual recommendations

You can now get a view that visually shows you all differences between versions of individual guidelines. Text changes are shows, as well as labels that have been changed. Choose a version of your recommendation, or draft, and compare it to a previous version.

Fig 1: Showing where to find this feature, in the recommendation options menu

Fig 2: Showing all changes done between 2 versions

Improving the layout of the 'Against' -strength label, for both the recommendation and key information/EtD.

The labels are now red, not part green/yellow, part red, but 2 shades of fully red. There are 'Harms/negative'- labels added to the key information/ evidence to Decision factors too, to make the color-framework more consistent.

Fig 1: New Against labels for recommendation strength

Fig 2: New Harms/negative labels for Key information/Evidence to Decision factors

Improved layout of the Key information labels

The Key information labels are made to be more mobile friendly and the visual demarcation between the factors have become stronger.

Fig 1: New layout on mobile

Alternative names for Recommendation strength and tabs.

Organizations can now set alternative names for recommendation strength and tabs, while still adhering to the Strong/Weak framework of GRADE. This way organizations can display labels that is more familiar to their readers. 
Contact us for more information.

Fig 1 Alternate labels show in the pulldown chooser for Authors

Two new Strength labels

After feedback of a need to label recommendations as public health recommendations, while still following standards for trustworthy guidelines, or clearly state if a recommendation is consensus-based, we added these two labels. To differentiate the labels from the normal GRADE framework, they are placed under the category non-GRADE labels.

Fig 1: Two new Strength labels

The organization filter on the home page is more visible.

After feedback that the Organization filter was hard to find we moved the filter up next to the search input. We hope that will make it easier to find and use.

Fig 1: New position of the Organization filter

Improved Easier upload of PDF cover pages

Many administrators have experienced that their PDF cover pages were being slightly re-sized when uploaded. This was due to the standard setting of US letter size. You can now choose between US letter size or the more common A4, with A4 being the default.

Fig 1: Choosing setting of cover page size

Other things

  • An alert if you try to upload a RevMan file you already have in your reference list
  • Last edit and default characters in contact information have been removed from the 'About' information for guidelines, in order to improve the view.
  • We have lightly decreased the font size so that more content is visible on smaller screens
  • Smaller bug and language fixes

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