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v7.1 May 4th 2017

Increased speed of citation updating after adding/ deleting/ moving a reference in the reference list

We have speeded up the citation renumbering after changes are done in the reference list or sections are moved. We will continue to work on speed for all things in the app.

The activity log has a search, and you can write comments for each entry
The search searches in the type of entry, name of entity, author, any "to" or "from" entity/ text, or comment. 
Comments is one common comment box that can be edited by all authors.
Tips: Write your name in front of the comment you are making, if you are not the one that made the change. Use Hash tagges for specific comment types, to make your comment searchable later on.

Primary studies connected to outcomes now show with reference number and not shortname (in app and PDF)

Primary studies that are not connected directly via a RevMan file now shows with the refence number and not just the short name. Like elsewhere in the application you can hover over to see the citation details.


  1. For a few guidelines the recommendations rearranged in the draft after publishing due to the sort number not being copied correctly from the database. This is now corrected.
  2. The timestamps for last search date and last edit date when publishing a guideline was set in UTC -12, which meant that the date was set one day early if you published daytime in Europe. This has been fixed.
  3. If you duplicate a guideline that is publicly available, the new copy used to also be set to public. That was not very useful, and instead created problems, so we reversed that and now it does not set the new copy to public.  

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