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How do I attach codes to my PICO?

You can add codes from various terminologies to your PICO questions. 
These codes can be used 
  • to improve search
  • to group similar PICOs, recommendations or guidelines
  • to search for relevant evidence
  • for EHRs to connect evidence e.g. to a patient's problem list or smart-phrases

Click the PICO tab "PICO Codes".
Then you can start adding codes. It is an auto-complete search, so try adding 2-3 letters of the phrase you are looking for, and a list of matches will appear. 

You can add as many codes you want. If you have a terminology you need, that is not in our list, tell us so we can add it. 

Image 1: Click PICO Codes

Image 2: Search for correct code

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