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How do I attach EMR elements to a Recommendation

You can add EMR elements to your recommendation. 
The button to get the choices of EMR elements is in the EHR and codes tab (see image below).

The EMR elements can be used by any EHR program that can open your recommendation in their system. 
The communication between the EHR and the Recommendation happens in a computer language that acts as a layer between the two.
The EHR system can extract both the PICO codes underlying the PICOs attached to the recommendation, and the EHR elements added directly to the recommendation. 

That means that the EHRs can get information about the population and intervention of the Recommendations and use that to: 
- Connect patients with the right recommendations based on diagnoses codes, or procedures done/planned.
- Suggest actionable interventions, like drug prescriptions, or procedure referrals.

And/or use the EMR elements to
Show patient-specific information specified in the EHR elements, alongside the recommendations, to help clinicians when making a decision

Last Updated: 26 January 2024

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