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Activity log and How can I see who has done what, and avoid overwriting their edits?

The activity log will tells you who has done what, when. Everything that is done is registered, we keep a full audit trail. You can access it by clicking the bell-icon on the top right of the guideline, next to the settings buttons and search.  

When other authors make edits, you see an indication on that icon, how many edits are done. You see this in real-time when editing, so you know if there are other authors that are active at the same time. If other users have been doing edits while you have been away from the guideline, you see an indication of amounts of edits done since you last accessed.

In the activity log you can search, filter, and navigate for edits by filtering by users or type of change. Use the search field to search for any phrase or person, or simply click on the item you want to filter by (e.g a specific recommendation or the rationale in a specific recommendation). 

You can flag specific edits, or write comments for follow up. You can filter by all edits that have a flag, or a comment, to easily keep track of things to follow up. If you would like to create specific tags for follow up, use hashtag and create a label in the comment, like #AdamReviewLater. You can now search for this label, and all edits where this is placed in the comment will come up. 

You can also "Un-delete" Sections/sub-sections, Recommendations, and PICOs. 

To see what specific edits were, select "View Details" for that activity. To note, you can view and copy/paste text from the activity log in case you accidentally make unintended changes, but you cannot view or un-delete comments within the text.

Activity log for individual Sections, Recommendations, and PICOs

For all Sections, Recommendations, and PICOs you can now view a filtered activity log only for that item. It has the same functionality as the main activity log, with the possibility to view details, search, and add comments. The options drop-down menu is under "Options" for Recommendations and PICOs, and under "Add Recommendation" for sections.

Note: The activity log will carry on into the next version, so it retains edits across all versions of the guideline. You will be able to search on content made in any version, and you can see the full history of your content starting with your first draft. However, if you make a copy of the guideline (i.e. duplicate) or export/import sections, recommendations, or PICOs into another guideline, the copy will not retain the activities of the original. 

Last Updated: 15 October 2023

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