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v11.3: 26.April 2023

Update summary

  1. Guideline publishing logs
  2. Bug fixes and smaller items

1. Guideline publishing logs

Administrators in a guideline will now have access to a publishing panel where they can see all guideline publishing events for each guideline. For each publishing event, you can see who published, timing and duration of the publishing process, amount of content, and subscribers. During the publication process, administrators can follow the actions happening in the system, seeing real-time what content is being copied into the new version. In cases where there are publication issues, the system will show where the process stopped, which will help with troubleshooting more quickly. 

Bugs and small item fixes

  • It could happen that subscribers got duplicate email alerts when a guideline is published, and that is now fixed
  • Adding EHR codes in recommendations sometimes added duplicate codes, which has been fixed
  • The PICO graphical view Help text was not showing, and is now fixed

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