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v7.5 August 31st 2017

Activity log for single PICOs and Recommendations

From all PICOs and Recommendations you can now view a filtered activity log only that item. This way you can see changes related to that single item. It has the same functionality as the main activity log, with the possibility to view details, search and add comments.
For PICOs you do not see the outcome changes at the moment, that will come next release. 
(You do see the outcome changes in the main activity log)

The activity log will now carry on into the next version, so it spans all new versions of the guideline. You will be able to search on content made in any version from now on, and you can see the full history of your content starting with your current draft. 

To access the activity log for PICOs and Recommendations, you go to the options menu, and click "Recent activities"

Improved use of colours 

The colour scheme has been updated to make it have a fresher look. 
We hope you agree. 

The recommendation comments has improved layout, editing and deleting

The recommendation comments can now be edited or deleted by the author who placed the comment, and guideline administrators can delete any comment throughout the guideline.
The comments persist through all versions of the guideline. 
Guideline administrators can, as before, choose to turn comments off for the published guidelines, using the control for this in the guideline General settings.

The RIS import of references has some minor improvements to support more reference types

The RIS import has been created to support RIS files from many different reference mangers, which do not (unfortunately) use the RIS standard in the same way. We have done a small change in the import algorithm to accomodate the various reference manages better, especially for references where the author is not a person, but an organization. Changes are:
-  When an author name (A1) which do not have a comma between the first name given and the subsequent names (e.g Alberta Health Services: Cancer Care or Mintz A.), the whole name will be placed as "Last name". As before: For Authors (A1) with a comma somewhere in the name, the part before the comma will be imported as "Last name", and the rest as "First name" (e.g. Mintz, A.)

In next update we will have an update for references that has type set to Books (TY - BOOK), Book-chapters (TY - CHAP) or Reports (TY - RPRT)

If you have difficulties with importing RIS files from your reference manger, or you think the import is not correct, please notify us immidiatly

Guideline administrators can now upload their own PDF cover page 

We have a standard PDF cover page, but guideline administrators can now choose to upload their own. Uploading of a cover page is placed in the General settings, and there you can also get information about the suggested formats and size to use for your cover page.

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