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Can I export all my content, or build my own front end

Of course you can. Your content is yours.
If you represent a guideline institution making guidelines that have a Guideline Administration Subscription, you can freely export all your content and do whatever you want with it.

If you want to build your own front end to show your content, you do that. 

However, before starting the endeavor of making your own front end please do consider a couple of things:
- Making a complex front end making use of all the great content we let you develop is resource- and time demanding
- Maintenance of your own front end is your task. That means that you, at your own expense and risk, have to make sure your front end is compatible with MAGICapp backend
- You should consider doing a pilot using our publication platform first, to get the feel of what is needed for a front end to be fully functional and what you want to improve
- Our front end is compliant with the guideline research from the MAGIC project and the DECIDE project. Before changing the user interface you should carefully read the latest results of this research to ensure your users get the optimal presentation formats.
- Our front end might be especially adapted to ensure compatibility with third parties that holds great value to our/your users, like Mendeley or Epistemonikos. If you make your own front end, you should make sure content from these third parties do not get corrupted or unusable, as that will decrease their value for your users.

If you want to consult us in this matter, please contact us 

If you want to use our development team to help you set up your own front end, or modify ours, we can discuss this as a separate service with it's own agreement.

Last Updated: 26 January 2024

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