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v7.4 August 15th 2017

In v7.4 we have new features for both readers and authors

(newsletter is here: August newsletter)

Word export of the full guideline, for authors

Authors can export a full copy of the guideline as a word document.
It has all the recommendations, Summary of findings tables and references, just like the PDF. 
The control for this is found next to the PDF export inside the guideline

Footnotes in the Word export of Evidence profiles/ SoF

The word exports of Evidence profiles/ SoF now include footnotes, just like in the PDF. 

Improved layout of the guideline listings page

The main content page has been made lighter and easier to navigate. There are labels to show the status of the guideline (if status is set in guideline settings), and whether it is public or not. This layout change is taking us a step closer to the upcoming organisation specific pages. 

Some layout changes to look out for:

Direct link and information about the draft (if you have access to it) is available from a blue box under the guideline title. (see image)

Some of the guideline -actions that were available in plain sight earlier, is now put into a Options menu (see image):
- Creating and viewing PDFs
- Setting the guideline to Offline availability
- Copy links and Duplicate guideline
- Information about  the guideline

The Sort and filter menu is available by clicking "Sort and Filter" next to the search field (see image)

Improved layout of the PICOs showing under recommendations

The entry point for the Summary of findings tables under the recommendation have been redone to have a less boxy feel and to make the information available with less clicks. 
The PICO questions are styled as clickable boxes, and shows user how many outcomes are included. Clicking the box will make the Summary of findings table show. If there are no outcome, it says 0 outcomes, and the box will not be possible to click.
The Summary (if it exist) is available from a link, and shows as a popup. 

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