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How can authors get a Word export of PICOs in published guidelines?

The the moment export of PICOs in published guidelines are hidden, and almost impossible to know about. We’ll looking into improving that, but in the mean time, here is the work-around:

What you have to do requires 4 steps:

1. First, you have to click the widget link button. A dialog window will pop up. Choose 'This specific version' in the 'Which version should PICO widget show' option. Then go to the bottom link in the form and copy the PICO ID, which show after the text 'PICO/' in the link.

2. The paste that PICO ID into this link{Guideline ID}/pico/{PICO ID}/docx

3. Then Copy the guideline ID (from the main Guideline link) into the same link (where it says {guideline ID), so the link looks something like this:

4. Put the link into your browser and click enter/go. 
The Word doc should then be generated and you're asked to download it on your computer.

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