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Export my summary of findings table to Word, RevMan, JSON (data), or MAGICapp Zip

There is an export feature on all PICO questions. It gives you the option to export in several formats, for different uses and settings.

In the options menu of each PICO question  you have 4 export options: Word, RevMan 5 compatible table, JSOSN (data), and a MAGICapp Zip file that contains all data.

Details of the export options:

Word: Gives you a word file with footnotes and references.
RevMan compatible table: Creates a .sof file that you can upload to a Systematic review document in RevMan 5. You can choose the layout you want (Cochrane or standard MAGIC style), and the file will be generated. Download this and you can upload it to RevMan. Compatibility with RevMan Web coming soon.
JSON: A JSON file - a pure data file.
MAGCapp Zip file export: Gives you all the content and references of your PICO question, wrapped up in one file. This can be used to upload content into another MAGICapp guideline, to give to other organizations to share, or to save for safekeeping. More info about MAGICapp Zip files here.

Last Updated: 3 January 2024

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