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How do I associate a PICO question with a recommendation?

Before you start writing your recommendation's key information, the rationale and eventually the recommendation itself, you should select the PICOs/Evidence profiles that you will make the recommendation from.

When clicking on a recommendation the first that you get to see is the 'Research evidence' tab that let's you choose your Evidence profiles. The Evidence Profiles you can choose amongst, are the ones you have made in the Evidence profile view.
You can choose as many PICO questions/Evidence profiles as you want, but if you are making a recommendation for one patient group make sure all the PICOs match that patient group. (in the cases you are not using indirect data)

You have 3 choices of seeing the PICOs:
- Show section (default): shows only the PICOs from that section
- Show all: shows all the PICOs from the entire guideline
- Show selected: shows only the ones you have selected

To select PICOs for your recommendation, tick off in the box in front of the PICO

To view the content of the PICO, like the evidence profile or summary, click anywhere on the PICO row or click on 'summary".

Adding PICOs to a recommendation

Viewing PICO content when its added to a recommendation

Last Updated: 9 January 2024

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