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v10 May 2021


  • An updated text editor, with better usability
  • New track changes
  • Comments in text
  • References are now in one list, not separated by sections
  • Improved accessibility of PDFs
  • Other things and Fixes

    An updated text editor

    This is the biggest change in this release, but you might not notice it straight away. Icons and looks are not very different, and the same functionalities are there, although the usability should be generally improved. 
    Of noticeable things:

    • We have added "Comments in text" feature, and updated the "Track changes" feature. Read more about that below.
    • Table editing have more options. 
    • You can now copy from Word without loosing formatting. This also includes tables 
    • You can upload high resolution images, and our image converter make sure the correct resolution shows in the PDF vs online. High resolution images does no longer affect loading time of content
    • Font types and heading are now set to relative values, so that no matter what style guide and fonts are used in PDF or Online, bigger and smaller text shows correctly. 
    • Lists have more style options, and it is possible to mix numbered and bullet type lists. 
    • Text in edit and read mode has the exact same look.
    • Text editing will only work in new browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari or Opera. It will not work well on Internet Explorer.


    New track changes

    We have implemented a completely new Track changes system. 
    It works more or less like the track changes you know from earlier and in Word, with some changes:
    • You can comment on the tracked changes. You can write comments on your own track changes, and someone else can comment on your changes.
    • You can accept/discard changes by clicking accept/discard on each change, or mark all the text with changes you would like to accept/ discard and use the menu item: "Accept (or discard) all selected suggestions.
    • You can view, comment, accept or discard track changes without turning track changes on
    Like before: 
    • You see how has made the changes, at what time.
    • You see which recommendations/ PICOs/ Section texts that have track changes by looking for the Track changes icon. Hover over it, and it will tell you which parts of the recommendation the track changes are in.
    • Default state of Track changes is off. However, admins can set track changes to on as default for all users in a guideline. 
    • Track changes do NOT show in published guidelines
    • Track changes show in Word exports
    • You can choose if track changes should show or not in the PDF.
    Important: Old Track changes still show as red strike-through (deletes) and underline/yellow background (adds), but you cannot accept or reject these old changes using the Track changes buttons or right click. You have to manually deal with them by simply deleting unwanted text, or copy text you want to keep, and pasting it in again to remove the style added to it (underline/yellow background)

    Updates coming: 
    • A way for users to set track changes on/off for the whole guideline.
    • Showing top level in the guideline how many places there are unresolved Track changes



    To be noted in existing guidelines!!:
    In guidelines that had existing Track Changes at the time of this release, the old Track changes will show as red strikethrough (deleted) and Yellow background underlined (additions). They will not behave like track changes, and you will have to edit or delete them like normal text. 
    If you go into edit mode, you will see strikethrough for the deleted, but no markings on the additions. If you make any change in the text, and then save, the additions will be added as normal text, and loose their markings in view mode. Deletes still show as strikethrough. 
    In PDF, if you choose to show Track changes, the old additions show with underline, and deletions show with strikethrough.

    ------- Examples how old track changes will show in new update. -------





    Comments in text

    A new feature in the updated text editor is to be able to write comments in text. Like in Word, you highlight text and then click the comment-icon and you can write a comment. Comments can be replied to, edited and deleted. Currently you have to have the text editor open in edit mode to see that there are comments.
    Comments do not show in published versions, PDF or Word.

    Important to know: Currently only the person that wrote the comment can delete it. If Admins would like to delete the comments that other authors have made, they will have to delete the text highlighted by the comment (copy that text, delete it, save, and copy it back in). 
    There might be an update coming that allows admins to resolve all authors comments. 

    Updates coming:
    • Showing in view mode that there are comments
    • Showing an icon on objects (Recommendations/ PICOs/ Section text) that there are unresolved comments
    • Showing top level in the guideline how many places there are unresolved comments



    References are now in one list, not separated by sections

    We have made the reference list into a single list. References do no longer belong to a section.
    This was done to speed up reference management, as the section-connection of references added extra time on re-numbering when moving references and sections.
    We also did this to pave way for new reference management features where this change would be beneficial. 


    Improved accessibility of PDFs

    We have added features to improve accessibility of our PDFs, that includes 
    • Automatic alt text for cover images
    • Stricter hierarchy of heading types 
    • Table titles for automatically created tables
    • Removed most of merged cells in automatically created tables
    We will continue to make improvements to the accessibility in the PDF and in app. 


    Other things:

    • You can now choose and add more than one citation at the time, when adding citations to text
    • Different time-date view if your setting is English-US (MM/DD/YYYY), or English-UK/AU/CA (DD/MM/YYY)
    • Hyphen between section number and title in PDF is replaced by a dot
    • A choice between [ ]-brackets or ( ) parethesis around citations in text in PDF
    • Hyphens in Evidence profiles are replaced by long dash

    Issues fixed:

    • Recommendation version history showed duplicates
    • In PDF, when chosen not to have Summary of recommendations, the Summary of recommendations still showed in table of contents
    • Newly uploaded PDF Cover pages showed blank
    • The link to the educational module in Decision aids is updated
    • In Recommendation widgets, Graphical view of PICO Evidence profiles were not showing 
    • Reference duplicate checker works again
    • Updating logo in organisation control panel works again
    • Two (or more) people can now add comments in comment tab of a recommendation at the same time, without running the risk that one of the comments are removed before it's saved.
    • When PICO ZIPs were made from Revman PICOs, the meta-analysis comparison and outcome were not set properly, so guideline failed on next publishing.

    Planned for the coming months
    • Improved Evidence to Decision features for authors
    • Better RevMan file import and updating of data
    • Integration with Cochrane's RevMan online
    • Multiple comparison Evidence profiles
    Bigger features on roadmap
    • Adaptation and translation features
    • Implementation of a FHIR API
    • Improved Desktop and Mobile app
    • Diagnostic PICOs
    • Decision aids widgets
    • Better internal linking

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