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How do I update my Evidence profiles/PICOs using updated RevMan files?

Update PICO RevMan files and shadow outcomes

Updating outcome data is now easier using the "Create shadows" feature, with or without RevMan files.

For updating PICOs with RevMan files

If you want to update PICOs that are made from RevMan files, when those RevMan files are updated, select the option "create shadows," and select your new (updated) RevMan file.  

Add your updated file (note: cannot have the same name as your original file), or select from reference list if it's been added already.

All comparisons in the RevMan file will be listed (in this file, there is only one). Select and continue.

If you would like to not create a shadow, you can select this from the "Fix match" drop down menu, and click Accept.

You will now see your chosen outcomes "shadows" - a green-highlighted row, which will have your updated data. You can accept it as-is, or click the pencil to edit the data before accepting.

Here is what the edit option looks like - note that where there are changes in the data, it's highlighted by a green box.

When you're satisfied with the information in the shadow, select Yes to accept the changes, and your original outcome data will be replaced.

Important to know: When you fix the match, make sure to click "Accept," otherwise it will not carry out your request.

For updating PICOs without RevMan files

You can also make shadow outcomes independently of updating outcomes through a RevMan file. Choice is available in outcome settings menu, and will have all the same features as RevMan shadows.

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