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MAGICapp and Open source

We love open source, and will do any thing we can to support the open community and development of open standards.

So why isn't MAGIC fully open sourced then?

There are two main reasons:
1. The technological framework, data model, corresponding source codes and solutions in MAGICapp is founded on established standards and advanced methodology for guideline development (GRADE system).
In this context, looking at the market for software today MAGIC wants to protect against the source code to be misused and result in tool for guideline development that is not in accordance with recognized standards and methods.

2. To run an open source project well, we require resources to develop descriptions, vetting mechanism, a way to incorporate new code into our application and testing it. We simply do not have those resources today. 

Instead we have set up a very extensive API, which can be used to build programs that uses the magic platform, either as a add-on, or as its core. That way you will be able to connect magic to your platforms or build great new stuff connected to magic.
We will also make certain parts of code 'open source' and in keeping with our purpose we will make the results of the project - including relevant source and other technical solutions - available to the world.

If you have a project or tool, or want to establish one, or build on ours- please contact us to discuss collaboration or what we can do to help you.

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