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How do I make a PDF version of my guideline (with or without publishing)?

Every time you publish a new version of your guideline, MAGICapp automatically creates a PDF of the guideline. Admins/authors can access PDFs of all published versions in the publishing history, and readers can access the PDF for the most recent version and any previous public versions, from the front guideline menu.

At any time during the development, admins/authors can create a new PDF document that has all the current changes of the draft, without having to publish a new version of the guideline. It only takes a few minutes, and you can generate as many PDF versions as you need. You can view previously generated PDF versions..

Access the Settings menu, and choose "Create, view and customize PDF." If you do not see this option, make sure you're in Edit mode. 

You can select different options for customizing your PDF. When you're ready, click Create PDF (or Cancel). You can view previous versions  of PDFs you created. 

Readers can access the PDF of the published version on the guideline front page.

Note for living guidelines/guideline updates: If you make your guideline public, you should NOT publish another version until you're ready to make that version public. If you create a new version that is not public, your guideline will not be publicly accessible.

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