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Which steps in the guideline process can MAGICapp help me with

The MAGICapp will has a Milestone / Check-list feature, so that the admins can plan and follow all the steps in the development of the guideline. Some of the steps are purely organizational, some are technical and some are circled around content development.

There is an article on a common framework for Guideline Checklists that recently have been published (dec 2013), that you might want to read: Guidelines 2.0: systematic development of a comprehensive checklist for a successful guideline enterprise
From results in that study McMaster CE&B GRADE has made a Guideline Checklist site you also might want to check out. It has an online version of the common checklist and a downloadable pdf.

Below is a non-comprehensive list of steps in a guideline process and how and if the MAGICapp can help in that step. These steps follows the Standards for Trustworthy guidelines IOM 2011, the suggested standards from GIN (Guideline International Network), AGREE II requirements and the steps used in SNAP-IT, and will cover the main parts of the comprehensive checklist mentioned above. 

Step 1 Planning phase

  1. Establish guideline Steering group
  2. Establish guideline Executive committee
  3. Select clinical topics for guideline
  4. Identify already existing high quality guidelines, and consider adaptation rather than development from scratch
  5. Identify necessary resources and skills. State where the funding comes from
  6. Define consensus and leadership processes
  7. Formally request participation/ support from stakeholders/ professional organizations relevant to clinical topic
  8. Appoint chapter editors and guideline panelists
  9. Organize GRADE training sessions for chapter editors
  10. Record and manage general intellectual and financial conflicts of interest for all guideline panelists
  11. Organize first guideline conference

 Step 2 Content development

Essential content development
  1. Guideline panels decide on the clinical questions to address and the related patient important outcomes (PICO questions)
  2. Perform the primary literature search based on the PICO questions, preferably finding systematic reviews
  3. In cases where there are no updated systematic reviews, the guideline panel should make their own meta-analysis/ systematic reviews  
  4. Put the references you use to the reference list, and add them sequentially to the various Evidence profiles and Recommendations
  5. Guideline panels process the evidence and make evidence profiles and evidence summaries for all PICO questions
  6. Guideline panels summarize the key factors "benefit/harms, quality of evidence, preferences and values, and resource use in the Key information section
  7. Guideline panels discuss the evidence profiles, evidence summaries and key information and come up with a recommendation and its strength. 
  8. The reasoning behind the Recommendation and its strength is explained in the rationale
  9. All authors report conflict of interest per Recommendation. 
Additional useful content development
  1. Practical information (including scores, tables and calculators)
  2. Background information (under each section)
  3. Adding Codes/Terminology to the individual PICO questions  
  4. Adaptation information, if you have adapted a recommendation from another guideline

Step 3 Final Review of content, peer review, publication, Evaluation and Updating

Final Review of content, peer review
  1. Submit guideline chapters to Executive committee for final review and approval
  2. Submit the guideline for peer review
  3. Submit the guideline for public review
  4. Submit guideline to the publisher
  1. Publish the guideline
Evaluation phase

  1. Formal evaluation of panelists experiences with the guideline process
  2. Evaluate feedback and usage of guideline

  1. Set a date for planned Revision
  2. Alert the admin/ authors about a planned Revision
  3. Alert the admin/ authors when there is new evidence related to their PICO questions
  4. Publish the update

Feedback and Knowledge Base