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Text editor - add/edit text, hyperlinks, citations, images, and tables

Text editor

  • You can copy from Word without losing formatting. This also includes tables.
  • You can copy images from Word, but we recommend to upload high resolution images separately to ensure the correct resolution will show online and in the PDF. High resolution images do not affect loading time of content.
  • Font types and heading are set to relative values, so that no matter what style guide and fonts are used online or in the PDF, bigger and smaller text shows correctly.
  • You can mix numbered and bullet type lists.
  • You can turn on/off track changes and add comments (see Help article for more details). 
  • Text editing works well on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and Opera, but does not work well on Internet Explorer.

Add hyperlink

Select text and click the hyperlink icon, then paste your link in the box. You can set the link to open in a new tab (toggle on), or the same window (toggle off).

Add citation

Click the citation icon, and your reference library will pop up - you can select one or multiple citations to add. You can view citation details by hovering over it. Tip: the online format displays references in square brackets - e.g. [1], but the PDF output has italic and round brackets - e.g. (1). You can keep the square brackets in the PDF by going to Settings -> Create, view and customize PDF -> check box "Use hard brackets [] around citations like it is online, instead of parenthesis ()."

Editing Tables

You can edit the table overall and individual cells:

Table and cell properties
  • Change border style, width, colour; change background colour.
  • Change dimensions.
  • Table alignment within text; text cell alignment within table.
  • Tip: for long tables that run multiple pages, set the row to "Header row" (in the Insert/delete/select row drop-down list) and it will repeat the header on each page in the PDF. This only works if your first row is your header - if you try to set a header as your second, third, tenth, etc. row, it will set everything *from the selected row and all rows before it* as your "header."


Last Updated: 20 November 2023

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