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My stuff suddenly disappeared, I am sure I saved it

There are very few cases where your content can actually disappear. 
In most cases you are not seeing the content because: 
1. There is a hiccup in the system and you need to reload or clear cache
2. The content was not saved
3. You, or someone, has deleted the content. Most deleted content can be recovered by accessing the activity log, finding the delete entry and click 'Undelete'.

If the issue is that the content was not saved, we need to find out what could have happened, and how you can fix it.

Does the program have access to internet?
After you did edits and saved, did you get a green box in bottom left corner saying 'Saved'. A green 'Saved' means that the change has reached our server.

If you instead got a Red box saying 'Ouch... '  it means the change did not reach our server. It is most often due to unstable internet connection.
Check your internet connection. Try to get to another site, like a newspaper, to see if it loads. Then refresh the page. If you still have problems, send us an email.

Are you logged in?
If you get a Red box saying 'Authorization failed...' it means you do not have authorization to make changes. Either because you have been logged out or because your user are not set with permission to perform the activities you want to do. 
1. Check your internet connection. 
2. Check your log-in status:
3. Try to log out and in again.

Does your organization have a proxy server for its network?
Some bigger enterprises, like hospitals or government institutions have a proxy server installed. We have seen that it sometimes lead to a disconnect with our storage servers, and users get logged out while seeming to be online, and have internet connection.
If that happen you should have seen a pop-up like below when you log in, or at any time in the process of authoring (but if you have a pop-up block, it might not show)

If you think that this could be happening to you, call your IT department and ask them if they are using a proxy. If the answer is yes, you need to ask them to exempt these addresses from their proxy:
* (includes and

It will take them 10-20 min to do, so it not a time consuming task. 

Nothing above fits
If nothing of the above works or fit, contact your Organization contact (if you have one), or contact us directly by writing a support email (link to the right). Please include:
- Your username, guideline ID, what type of content you think you have lost, and which browser you used, 

Last Updated: 26 January 2024

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