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Exporting and Importing PICOs using a MAGIC zip file

Authors can download a zip file containing a PICO with all data, connected files and references. This zip file can then be uploaded into any guideline. 
You can use these Zip files to share your evidence with other organizations, or move between your own guidelines.

When an author uploads a PICO from such a zip file, there is an automatic email sent to administrators of the guideline it was taken from. That way you can keep track of how your content is being used.

If the zip file contain references that are duplicates of references you already have in the reference list of the guideline you are importing it into, we will use the existing references instead of importing duplicates. You will be notified about this during the upload.

The imported PICO will retain the ID of the 'mother'-PICO, and we plan to add features to enable communication of changes done to the 'mother' PICO to the administrators of the 'child'-PICO, and vice versa.

The control to export PICOs are in the PICO 'Options'-> 'Export' menu
The control to import PICOs are in the 'Add PICO' menu on sections

Last Updated: 3 January 2024

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