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Using Milestones and Checklist in Settings

The MAGICapp have a Milestone and a Check-list feature, so that the admins can plan and follow all the steps in the development of the guideline. Some of the steps are purely organizational, some are technical and some are circled around content development. 

All users with either Admin, Author or view-rights can see the check-list and Milestones, but only Admins can modify the items.

The check-list is a pre-defined list of items, a non-comprehensive list of steps in a guideline process. It follows the AGREE II requirements and the steps used in SNAP-IT

The milestone feature lets you create your own milestones, assign a date and a person responsible for it.

There is a much more comprehensive Checklist available from McMaster that you also might want to check out. 
There is also a RIGHT checklist published in Annals that might be useful.

Last Updated: 20 November 2023

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