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Is there an ontology/terminology to represent PICOs or Summary of findings

No, there is not any PICO/SoF ontologies out there yet, but through our collaboration within DECIDE, and with other groups like The Cochrane collaboration, the team behind Epistemonikos and EBMeDS, we will get closer to what is needed in such an Ontology.

We generally do not want to make ontologies ourselves, as they are time consuming to update and maintain, we rather want to use already exisiting ontologies/terminologies.
For PICOs however, there are no existing terminologies to use.

To describe the content of PICOs we'll use established ontologies like MeSH, ICD-10, SNOMED-CT, UMLS and so on.

To represent the content of Summary of Findings (the grading and the effect sizes) we'll need a new ontology. The abovementionned group will work on this as well. 

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