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v7.6 November 2017

See all historical changes of any item in your guideline

From all Sections, Recommendations, PICO questions and outcomes you can now view a filtered activity log for only that item. You can further filter this change log so you see only a specific element (e.g the Benefit and Harms text of a certain recommendation).

The activity log for specific items has the same functionality as the main activity log, with the possibility to view details, search and add comments. You see who did what and when. You can write a comment to the change, or flag it for follow up. You can also filter on changes with comments, with flags, or those made by specific authors. 

To access the activity log for Sections, PICOs, Recommendations and Outcomes, you go to the options menu of the wanted item, and click "Recent activities"

New Organisation-specific guideline pages

All organisations get their own branded page where all their public content are listed. The pages has a direct address using the Organisation shortname, which together with name and logo can be changed in the Organisation control panel. The pages are mobile friendly and users can use it as an mobile app

You get to the Organization specific pages either though a direct link: {organization shortname}, or by clicking the Organization name or logo on the main content pages. Organizations can contact us if they need more information or help.

Organizations can alter the colour schema on their specific pages. To do that they need to contact us.


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