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Guideline settings

On the top left corner of the guideline, there is the preview mode on/off, activity log, settings, and search. 

The settings include:

1. General. Information about the guideline including the owner (personal or organization), main editor name and contact information, language, start date, sponsors, disclaimer, and description. 
2. Guideline customization (admins only). Options for the following features: a) Showing the Feedback tab for recommendations in published guidelines, b) having author track changes in the guideline on/off as default (note: the activity log is always on), c) showing section numbers, d) showing banner with GRADE description about strength of recommendations when clicked, and e) using the GRADE 4-factor or 7-factor evidence to decision framework for recommendations. 
3. Permissions. View guideline members (admins, authors, viewers, and reviewers). Admins can add/remove or change roles of members. 
4. Conflict of interest management (admins only). Option to record and publish financial and intellectual conflict of interest information of guideline members. 
5. Publishing and version history. Guideline permalink to most updated guideline version, button to publish your guideline and option to make that version publicly accessible (note: only admins can publish), and view and link for previous versions.
6. Milestones and Checklists. Option for planning and recording steps in guideline development. All members can view, but only admins can edit this. 
7. Voting and Delphi tool for guideline level questions (scooping, etc.). Option to create a poll for guideline members. Note: this feature is currently in development. 
8. Tags.
9. Created Word export.
10. Create, view, and customize PDFPublish current version of guideline to PDF and access previous versions of PDFs. Customization options including how to display your PICOs (evidence), text in one column or two, cover page, and others. 
11. Turn bulk Reference edit mode on/off. Mode to make changes to references without having to wait for reference renumbering. 

In draft: For most things, only admins can edit, authors can view.
In published versions: admins can edit permissions, and view the other information.

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