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How do I add a supplementary file to a guideline (e.g. annex, large image/table)?

You can add a supplementary file via hyperlink into a text box. This is a workaround using an existing feature for attaching files to references. 

You can attach any type of file, including a PDF, Word document, image, or RevMan file. Please ensure that you have permission to attach the file, so that you are not violating copyright.

Attach a file (steps 1-6)

1. Under the References tab, click "Attach file" for the relevant reference. If the file attachment is not related to a reference, you can create a new reference with a placeholder name (e.g. the title of your document) and attach the file there. 

2. Select your file, and click Upload and attach. It may take several minutes to scan the document for malware. You do not need to stay on the page while it scans, nor do you need to keep MAGICapp open - it does not affect the scanning process. 

3. Once your file is successfully attached, click to see the file in a new tab. Note: X is to delete the file. You do not need to wait until the file is attached to delete it. 

4. Copy the web address of your file. 

5. In the Recommendations tab, open the text box where you want to link to the file. Highlight your selected text and click the hyperlink button. 

6. Paste the web address of your file, and click Save. Note: You can toggle on/off whether you want the link to open in a new tab (on) or in the same tab (off). 

Your text will now have a hyperlink to your file.


  • You can edit/delete the link to the file in the same way you can for any hyperlinks.
  • If you link to a PDF, the hyperlink will open the PDF in another tab to view it, but if you link to a Word document, the hyperlink will take you to another tab but require you to download the Word file to view it.

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