Bugs in current version- 9.May 2017 : 1 bug in outcomes

We strive to fix bugs/issues as soon as we find them, but sometimes it can take some time to release the fix.
Here is a list over the current bugs we are aware of. If you have found an issue that is not on this list, please contact us to describe the problem.

-----  Updated 09.04.17

Outcomes cannot be deleted. 
They appear deleted, but upon refresh of the page they come back. If you publish a version of the guideline after deleting an outcome, the outcome will be present in the last current version, but not in your draft.
So if you are desperate at getting rid of an outcome while we are fixing this bug, you can publish a version of your guideline and the outcome(s) you deleted will be gone from your draft. 

We are working to fix this now- updated 09.04.17 at 07.30 CET

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