What can I do, and not do, with a personal guideline (or evidence summary) compared to a guideline with an organizational ownership

Guidelines owned by an organization:
Only guidelines that have an organization as owner can be published with versions, and made public so that all users can access. 
You are required to be appointed as an administrator for an organizational account to be able to create guidelines belonging to that organization. To publish a guideline affiliated with a particular organization you need to be administrator of that guideline. 

Personal guidelines:
Guidelines that are created under your personal account, can be used for exploring, learning or teaching purposes. Personal guidelines cannot be published into versions, or made public, but you can invite viewers and co-authors.

Evidence summaries: 
Both personal and organizational evidence summaries can be made public. Evidence summaries currently have not advanced publishing options like guidelines, so your working version will be the same as your public version. 
Although there are no options for different versions, we still have a complete audit trail, so you will be able to keep a track of all your changes


How to get an organizational account?: sign up here, and we will contact you. Read more on our project site

Your organization have an account, but you don't have access to create or publish in its name?
To create and publish guidelines in the name of an organization, you need to become admin of your Organization. For this to happen, you need one of the other admins to assign you as admin in your  organization's control panel:
  1. As admin you need to go to the Account menu
  2. Click the Org control option (if you don't see this option, you are not an organization admin)
  3. You chose the right organization, if you are admin in more than one, and click the Members tab
  4. You find the right user by searching for the user name and add that user to the memberlist
  5. You assign that user admin status

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