How do I build my Evidence profile (add outcomes to a PICO)

You build your Evidence profiles by adding outcomes to your PICOs.

1. Click the PICO-tab "Evidence profile".

2. You click "Add outcome", and a box appears where you can choose outcome type and set outcome name.

 As usually, for each outcome you look for the best available evidence, rate that evidence and extract the relative and absolute effects of the intervention and comparator. For outcomes where you cannot pool data, or that for other reasons needs to be in narrative form, you choose: Non-poolable/narrative outcome.

If you create a PICO using a RevMan file, all the outcomes and its data and results will be filled out, and you only have to add the missing pieces: quality rating, plain language summary and perhaps edit the results by adding a different baseline risk or other data. 

Currently, the Dichotomous outcomes will show on top, then Continuous, then Non-poolable. You can change the order of the outcomes within the types, but not between them.
We have moving outcomes independent of type on our roadmap. If this is a priority for you, you can vote for it in our feedback section on this page.

Image: 1. Click "Evidence profile" tab and 2. click "Add outcome"

Image 2: Choose type of outcome

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