Guideline settings

There are three icons on the top of the guideline to the right, next to the recommendation search. One is for the activity log, next two are for general settings and for listings.

General settings have:
1. General information, about the guideline and it's responsible institution, as well as some settings for layout and PDF
  • Title (Name)
  • Responsible institution (Owner)
  • Main Editor
  • Language
  • Start Date
  • Contact info
  • Sponsors
  • Disclaimer
  • Description, citation or abstract
  • Choice of showing Comment tab in recommendation
  • Choice if keeping track changes on/off as default
  • Choice of front page of PDF export
2. Permissions, where you see and give admins, authors and viewers their role and level of access 
3. Publishing, where you have all your publishing options, and the version history (coming)

2. View and create PDF
3. Create word export
4. Publishing and version history

In draft: For most things, only admins can edit, authors can view.
In published versions: Admins can edit permissions, and view the other information 

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