Guideline settings

In the Guideline settings you can find 

1. General information, about the guideline and it's responsible institution
  • Title (Name)
  • Responsible institution (Owner)
  • Main Editor
  • Language
  • Start Date
  • Contact info
  • Sponsors
  • Disclaimer
  • Description, citation or abstract
2. Milestone and Checklist
3. Layout, where you set your layout options (coming)
4. Permissions, where you see and give admins, authors and viewers their role and level of access 
5. Publishing, where you have all your publishing options, and the version history (coming)

You find the settings in the guidelines where you have admin, author or review permissions. You can also access the general setting information while inside a public guideline for access to the disclaimer, information about sponsors and citation/abstract.

The settings menu will also give you access to the PDF, and possibility to generate a new PDF (if you are admin or author). There is a view-only mode that can be switched on or off, for the times where authors/admins only want to view, and not see the edit controls.

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