I cannot access my guideline, what do I do?

If you cannot access your guideline you might want to check a couple of things before you get in touch with us for help:
1. Make sure you are logged in. Try refreshing the page, if you are not logged in, a login dialog should appear.
2. You can check your logged in status by going to www.magicapp.org/me
3. If you are logged in but still cannot access, try a different browser
4. If you cannot access and get an error when trying, or the screen just loads and load, not getting anywhere, contact your Organization contact (if you have one), or contact us directly by writing a support email (link to the right). Please include:
- Your username, guideline ID, which browser you used

You can create a new updated pdf or word-output even if you cannot access the guideline-  by using these urls (you have to be logged on and have author/admin access to guideline):

Replace the ID with whatever ID the guideline is.

These output will at least make it possible for authors to continue some of the work, or present material in meetings, until the issue has been resolved.

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