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Knowledge Base

  1. Writing content: General issues 

    1. Basic steps of writing guidelines
    2. How is content organized in the platform?
    3. MAGIC 101 for Authors: A short rundown of all features (incl. videos)
    4. How do I log in
    5. How do I make a new Guideline or Evidence summary?
  2. Access and links 

    1. How do I link to content in MAGICapp
    2. How to force language on buttons and labels for guideline readers
    3. I cannot access my guideline, what do I do?
    4. Recommendation widgets
    5. PICO widgets and how to use them
  3. Organization account 

    1. Organization control panel
    2. Organization specific pages
    3. What can I do, and not do, with a personal guideline (or evidence summary) compared to a guideline with an organizational ownership
  4. Administrating and publishing content 

    1. Guideline settings
    2. Using Milestones and Checklist in Settings
    3. How do I add authors, admins and reviewers?
    4. Publishing versions and making guideline public
    5. What do the different types of permission levels allow you to do (admin, author, reviewers, viewers, the public)?
  5. Clinical questions, PICOs and Evidence profiles 

    1. How do I make PICOs out of a RevMan file
    2. How do I use the basic literature search under a PICO?
    3. How do I add effect estimates to an outcome?
    4. Perform the Quality assessment according to GRADE
    5. How do I add an outcome to the PICO questions/evidence profiles?
  6. Recommendations 

    1. How do I navigate to the recommendations?
    2. How do I associate a PICO question with a recommendation?
    3. How do I write the recommendation Key info?
    4. How do I write the recommendation Rationale?
    5. What should I write in practical advice?
  7. References and search strategy 

    1. How do I add a reference to the reference list?
    2. Where do I find the References?
    3. Adding a RevMan5 file as a reference
    4. Make a systematic review and upload it as a reference
    5. Bulk reference edit mode
  8. Decision aids and Decision support 

    1. Decision aid outcome editor
  9. GRADE and methodology for development of guidelines and evidence summaries 

    1. What is GRADE
    2. The GRADE handbook
    3. MAGICapp's GRADE tooltips
    4. What does the strength of the recommendation mean
    5. What is and how to make a PICO question
  10. Teaching material and troubleshooting 

    1. Something seems wrong, but I don't know what? (incl. how to clear cache)
    2. My stuff suddenly disappeared, I am sure I saved it
    3. I am suddenly getting logged out
    4. The app seems to be down
    5. I am not able to sign up a new account, and I am in China
  11. How to use MAGICapp as a reader 

    1. How do I log in?
    2. I want a mobile app, how do I get it?
    3. Offline: How do I access guidelines when I don't have internet connection
    4. What is the list of all guidelines and evidence summaries?
    5. Multilayered recommendations- how to access the information?
  12. The guideline process and standards for trustworthy guidelines 

    1. Which steps in the guideline process can MAGICapp help me with
    2. Which steps in the guideline Planning phase can MAGICapp help me with
    3. Which steps in the guideline Content development can MAGICapp help me with
    4. Which steps in the guideline Publication and updating phase can MAGICapp help me with
    5. Which step in the guideline Adaptation process can MAGICapp help me with
  13. Technical stuff, incl Terminologies and Semantic web 

    1. Our database model
    2. Our API
    3. Examples of how to fetch a guideline with our API in various languages
    4. Translations and language files
    5. Architecture outline and what technologies do MAGICapp use
  14. New features, previous releases, bugs and roadmap 

    1. How to get information about new features in MAGICapp?
    2. Upcoming features on our roadmap
    3. Bugs in current version- v8.1 August 2018 : 1
    4. v8.1 August 26th 2018
    5. v8.0 June 3rd 2018
  15. Legal, subscription and support 

    1. Our list of features
    2. MAGICapp Terms of Service
    3. MAGICapp Privacy Policy
    4. MAGICapp Support and help options
    5. How can institutions/organizations start to use the MAGICapp
  16. The MAGIC non-profit organization 

    1. Who are we?
    2. Why did we make the MAGIC authoring and publication platform
    3. MAGIC is non-profit, is there a subscription fee for Administrator Accounts in MAGICapp?
  17. All articles 

    1. How do I navigate to the recommendations?
    2. What is GRADE
    3. Which steps in the guideline process can MAGICapp help me with
    4. How do I log in?
    5. Our database model
    145 articles 

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