How can institutions/organizations start to use the MAGICapp

An institution/ organization must sign up for a Administration Account to be able to use MAGICapp for authoring and publishing their content. You will be able to sign up on our Administration Service sign up site, but at the moment you will have to send us an email, as the sign up site is under development.

Once one person from the institution/organization has established the Admin account for the institution he/she can add other administrators. An Institution can have a total of 5 administrators. All administrators have access to the same Administration Account Control Panel. 

After signing up for an Admin account, the administrators can start to establish guidelines and invite Guideline admins, authors and viewers into these. See the MAGICapp Guideline Administration Service Agreement for more information.

In the Admin Account Control Panel the administrators can control Admin access, the institution's content (guidelines and other content), information about the institution and billing.
Only designated Administrators have access to a 
Administration Account Control Panel.

See the guideline process to get more information about the process of writing a guideline and how the MAGIC application can help that process.

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