Upcoming features on our roadmap

This is a high-level overview of items in our roadmap. Priorities are set by feedback from users and organizations. Please vote on or add features in the Feedback feature on this site: http://help.magicapp.org/forums/191301-all-ideas

Planned for next months:
  • Improved workflow for the key information and better integration of the EtD framework
  • Reusing text within a guideline (vote)
Major things on our roadmap after, not in prioritized order. Please vote on what matters most for you, or add new things, smaller or bigger that you would like to see.:
  • Multiple comparison tables (Related vote)
  • Decision aid widgets: make it possible to use single decision aids as pop-ups or embeds in any website or online document
  • Conflict of interest management (overall and PICO/recommendation-specific) (Related vote)
  • Tailored diagnostic PICOs (Related vote)
  • Search engine that search recommendations and clinical questions across all/a selection of guidelines and evidence summaries
  • Build a step-by-step Adaptation module
  • Customization of PDF and end user layout for Organizations (Related vote) (Related vote)
  • Offline authoring (Related vote)
  • Section numbering on table of contents online (Related vote)
  • Enable Admins to pull out usage-statistics about their own guideline (Related vote)

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