Bugs in current version- v8.1 August 2018 : 1

We strive to fix bugs/issues as soon as we find them, but sometimes it can take some time to release the fix.
Here is a list over the current bugs we are aware of. If you have found an issue that is not on this list, please contact us to describe the problem.

If you cannot access the application for some reason, you can find all published guidelines here: https://static.magicapp.org/lite

-----  Updated 23.11.18: 2

1. Exporting SoF files and importing them to RevMan fails. This is due to a bug in the adding of a reference list. It can easily be corrected in the files itself, so if you experience problems until the fix is published (expected December), just send your file to help@magicapp.org

2. The member list in Organization control panel does not scroll if you have many members. If your aim is to make users on the list admin or delete them, and you cannot see their name, please contact help@magicapp.org

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