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Which steps in the guideline Planning phase can MAGICapp help me with

The MAGICapp have a Milestone / Check-list feature, so that the admins can plan and follow all the steps in the development of the guideline. Some of the steps are purely organizational, some are technical and some are circled around content development. 

There is an article on a common framework for Guideline Checklists that recently have been published (dec 2013), that you might want to read: Guidelines 2.0: systematic development of a comprehensive checklist for a successful guideline enterprise

From results in that study McMaster CE&B GRADE has made a Guideline Checklist site you also might want to check out. It has an online version of the common checklist (146 items) and a downloadable pdf.

Below is a non-comprehensive list of steps in a guideline process and how and if the MAGICapp can help in that step. These steps follows the Standards for Trustworthy guidelines IOM 2011, the suggested standards from GIN (Guideline International Network), AGREE II requirements and the steps used in SNAP-IT, and will cover the main parts of the comprehensive checklist mentioned above. 

Step 1 Planning phase

  1. Establish guideline Steering group
    Members of the steering group must be approached and contacted.
    We plan to make it so that when a Steering group member agree to join you can add his/her name to the steering group list in the app.

  2. Establish guideline Executive committee
    Members of the Executive committee must be approached and contacted.
    We plan to make it so that when a Executive committee member agree to join you can add his/her name to the Executive committee list in the app.

  3. Select clinical topics for guideline
    After starting a guideline with an appropriate name the main topics can be tentatively put in as chapters in the guideline. This (and the guideline name) can of course be changed as one start to work more in depth with the content.
    The discussion about appropriate topics can be done though the internal message system we plan in the app. We are also planning for a instant messaging/chat room -feature.

  4. Identify already existing high quality guidelines, and consider adaptation rather than development from scratch
    Search through the guidelines in the MAGICapp system and find out if there is a guideline/recommendations you want to adapt rather than making your own from scratch. In the case you do find good guidelines/ recommendations you want to adopt, see "Which step in the guideline Adaptation process can MAGICapp help me with".

  5. Identify necessary resources and skills
    Resources include commitment by the panel members, the coverage of meeting costs and, if applicable, honorariums provided to panel members, and the availability of project management and administrative support. Where will the funding come from? 
    These needs and solutions can be recorded in the application under guideline settings and milestones.

  6. Define consensus and leadership processes
    You need to define how the panels be lead and how will they manage decisions/conflicts. These decisions can be recorded in the application under guideline settings and milestones. 
    Where present we will add suggestions from the international community on possible management strategies.

  7. Formally request participation/ support from stakeholders/ professional organizations relevant to clinical topic
    These stakeholders/ organizations must be approached and contacted. They can be given review-right to the guideline through the permissions setting. We plan to make it so that when a stakeholder is identified you can add his/her name to the Stakeholder list in the app.

  8. Appoint chapter editors and guideline panelists
    You assign admin, author and view rights to members of your team in the permissions settingas
    We also plan for the editors and authors to be able to be invited to participate in the guideline by sending them an invitation/request from the application (both if they are registered in our system or not). This way a section admin can keep track of invitations and responses.
    In the invitation/request you should be able to write a personal message and/or attach a formal letter.

  9. Organize GRADE training sessions for chapter editors
    This needs to be organized by the guideline admins.
    The scheduled sessions can be recorded in the application under guideline settings and milestones.
    We are thinking about offering a service which will link guideline developers with available methodologists that can help them. This will most likely be done in a larger international forum
    Through the GAME-IT project we will also get an opportunity to have a powerful learning/teaching tool for guideline work.

  10. Record general intellectual and financial conflicts of interest for all guideline panelists
    Authors should record their general intellectual and financial conflicts of interest before starting the guideline work. This feature will hopefully be in place by february/march.
    A more detailed conflict of interest is planned on a PICO question by PICO question basis. And should be done dynamically by the authors as the guideline work proceedes.

  11. Organize first guideline conference
    Guideline authors can be contacted by email through the application, and the scheduled conference can be recorded in the application under guideline settings and milestones.

    A Prezi showing the Guideline process

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